2018 Philanthropy: The McKinley Project

“One girl can make a difference, but a whole community of girls can change the landscape of the future. Through lacrosse, our girls develop confidence, leadership, strength and a sense of belonging. When we support each other, we grow; the more we grow the more powerful we become on and off the field. Together we give. Together we grow. Together we effect change.”
Traci White 
Local Lacrosse Mom

The McKinley Project was envisioned in January 2017 by the founders of Verve Lacrosse as an outreach opportunity. It is our vision to bring lacrosse to any girl who desires to play regardless of their financial status. It is our vision to provide an athletic outlet to underrepresented girls in our neighboring communities.  It is our vision to provide these girls with the necessary equipment and support to play lacrosse successfully and meaningfully.  It is our vision to jump over any hurdles that may stand in our way while creating an environment that encourages authenticity, individuality and verve. It is our vision to support, encourage and embolden our girls to be self-advocating, confident and fierce competitors. It is our vision to create a space where confidence is beautiful, regardless of the financial situation. These girls are our daughters, friends and neighbors and we hope The McKinley Project will give them a place to grow, thrive and be competitive. We created The McKinley Project to spread the love of the game of lacrosse.

Our Immediate Needs: (5 year window)
One team 2018, two teams 2019/2020, three teams 2022, four teams 2023

  • Two field goals per site (8 total)
  • Lock and cable (8)
  • Pinnies (set of 30 per team = 120 total)
  • Uniforms (set of 30 per team = 120 total)
  • Field lining equipment (4 sets)
  • Field lining paint
  • Lacrosse Sticks (120 total)
  • Lacrosse Goggles (120 total)
  • Lacrosse bag/backpack (120 total)
  • Cones (4 sets)
  • Goalie gear (4 sets)
  • Coaches gear per team (whistle, lacrosse white board)
  • Practice clothes (cleats, leggings, athletic shorts, sweatshirts)
  • Water bottles (30 per team = 120 total)