Tournament Details


Date: November 10-11, 2018

Location: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Event Format

Championship play with either pool play Saturday and then brackets on Sunday or all round robin both days, depending on number of teams in the division.  All teams are required to play both days and complete their entire schedule.


All games will be played at Cal Poly State University. Click here for directions to the fields. There are both turf and grass fields so please be prepared to play on either. All evening games will be played on the turf fields; which have lights. First games will begin at 8am.


Onsite parking is available for $10/day, with in and out privileges. Two day parking passes will also be available on Saturday for $20.


Click here to register your team with Tourney Machine
Registration is a two-step process. First create a team account with Tourney Machine and then register your team for The Giving Games. Every player will be asked for a current US Lacrosse number when signing the waiver, and will not be allowed to participate without current and valid US Lacrosse number.

  • Early Bird Discount (before June 15th): $1,495/team
  • Regular Pricing (after June 15th): $1,700/team for Youth, $1,495/team for Collegiate
  • Deposit of $500 due at the time of registration. Full amount due by October 1st.
  • A late fee of $275 will be charged if full amount is not payed by October 1st.
  • Late Registration (after October 2nd): $1,975/team

Tournament Rules

U.S. Lacrosse rules for the different divisions will be used on the field at The Giving Games unless otherwise stated here. Print them from the U.S. Lacrosse website or bring your rule book with you.

  1. Home team (listed first on the schedule) wears their white jersey.

  2. All games are 20 minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime. A central clock will be used and an air horn will signal the start and stop of halves. All games will start on the hour, half time will begin at twenty past the hour, and the second half will begin at twenty-five past the hour. For example: 8:00am game starts, 8:20am halftime begins, 8:25am 2nd half begins, 8:45am game ends. This will leave 15 minutes between games for the next teams to warm-up. 

  3. All substitutions are done on the fly.

  4. Overtime will not be played in preliminary games. Ties will remain a tie throughout all preliminary games (pool play) & consolation games (3rd place or lower).

  5. A semifinal or first place game tie in regulation will result in a next goal wins (sudden victory) overtime of up to 5 minutes. There is no change of ends during the 5 minute period. Should a 5 minute overtime not break the tie a second 5 minute overtime will be played.

  6. No coaching timeouts allowed during this running clock format.

  7. Standings are determined using 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

  8. Teams are not allowed to borrow players from a team unless approved in writing by The Giving Games Committee prior to the start of the game. If a team will be borrowing players, the coach must declare it ahead of time and email The Giving Games Committee at Unless specific circumstances are accepted by The Giving Games Committee, if a team borrows players, the game will be forfeited by the borrowing team.

  9. A team loaning players is not affected and may accept their player(s) back at any time.

  10. Both coaches and both referees must agree to the final score and sign the score card at the end of each game.

  11. Tie in standings tie-breakers.

    1. Group play with 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

    2. Head to head results if a two-way tie.

    3. Fewest goals allowed for a multiple team tie. After multiple team tie is resolved back to #2, head to head results.

    4. Net goal differential.

    5. Coin toss if 1 – 4 do not break the tie.

Division specific rules include the following:

  1. The players Spring 2019 league play division is the division she can participate in for this tournament.

  2. Mercy Rule: For U12 & U14 Divisions only, the trailing team has the option of possession instead of a draw if down by 6 goals.

  3. All Divisions: Check to the head is a yellow card. Two yellow cards in one game = a red card. A red card means the player is out for the remainder of that game. She can play again in the next game.
  4. U12 Girls Division = 12 v. 12, regulation field, modified stick checking (below the shoulder), regulation sticks.

  5. U14 Division = 12 v. 12, regulation field, modified stick checking (below the shoulder) unless agreed ahead of time by both coaches and referees to go full checking. Regulation sticks & offensive three seconds called if defender is closely guarding in a “checkable” position. 

  6. High School Division = Full checking and all other U.S. Lacrosse rules for this age group.

  7. Women’s Collegiate Division = Full checking and all other U.S. Lacrosse rules for this age group.
  8. See the 2018 U.S. Lacrosse Youth Girls Guidebook for more details as needed.

Borrowing Player Rules

The main rule is each player plays for one team only. 

  1. Rosters are frozen at the start time of the first game for each team.

  2. If a team uses a borrowed player or players, then the team using the borrowed players will forfeit that game (s), unless otherwise approved by The Giving Games Committee in writing prior to the start of the game.

  3. This is the case for the team picking up players. The team the players return to (regular team) is unaffected.

  4. This is also true for players moving within a club. The borrowing rule applies on a team by team basis.

  5. Please declare ahead of time if you are borrowing players by writing to

  6. The Giving Games Committee will rule on any issues brought to light and any decision rendered will be final on the spot.